You can buy success in the Ice Cream Shop

La Squadra ice cream facilities : Ice cream counters direct from the factory

We know what our customers in Germany and Austria need:

Perfect planning, visualization and location advice, quick and easy assembly, seamless integration of the technical devices.

Bespoke and high quality cash desks & bar counters & back counters,  La Squadra ice cream cabinets and La Squadra pastry cabinets.

We plan your dream ice cream shop in 2D and deliver 3D visualizations. Our installation plans with water and electrical connections will help your professionals.

The furniture is made of stainless steel. We have the panels painted in the paint chambers of Spiess&Hacker Lackschule.

Bar desks, cash desks, rear wall counters are delivered practically ready to plug in.

La Squadra Shops can be found in Ireland, Norway, Spain, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia and especially in Germany and Austria

2D & 3D drawings

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