Why our Cabinets?

Children can see gelato.



With La Squadra Gelato Showcases you can show your gelato as hills :

Strong Ventilated Refrigeration: Straight airflow with till 4 fans inside. ( 24G )

Front- and Backevaporators: 3-rows, coated, coils designed for perfect airflow.

Extraordinary Strong Condensing Unit: Semihermetic Dorin Compressor und Big capacity of Condenser.

Automatic Defrosting with La Squadra Intelligent Defrosting System.  

Assembling of Icecream and Pastry Showcases

Combination of two or more cabinets.

without Sideglass  and without sidepanels.

You can use like one cabinet in diffrent temperature zones. 

You can turn off one of the cabinets.

La Squadra Gelato Showcases save energy:

80 mm PU insulation in the bin.

Sideglasses and frontglasses are airchambered.

Inside Side Insulations higher.

Sidepanels from PVC foamed plates.