Sales & Supply Conditions

Sales & Supply Conditions of Ledra sro

Ledra  sro. will accept purchase orders at the following conditions and the followings conditions are completely approved from the buyer at the purchase order issue. Any exceptions must be arranged with LEDRA by writing preventively.

1. Acceptance of Orders : Every purchase order is considered with reserve of acceptance from LEDRA and LEDRA will confirm the order by order confirmation.  

2. Prices : All Prices  are subject to change without notice.

3. Options and Changes  (not standard) : Special inquiries must be accompanied with detailed drawings or with technical description. The price and the time of delivery will be specified apart with an offer or an order confirmation.

4. Transport : Prices are understood  Ex Works.  Prices  are made  with the exclusion of the expenses of transport, installation, assembling and taxes. The transport of goods is effected at buyer`s risk, even the products are delivered F.O.B. Free Slovakian Border, or free delivered.

5. Packaging : The products in the general price list are comprehensive of each standard packaging. Any other eventual packaging will be agreed apart.

6. Delivery :  The delivery dates written on the order confirmation have indicative value only. The buyer cannot ask any demand or cancel any order, due to eventual delays with deliveries. Supply conditions will be suspended in cases of exceptional circumstances.

7. Payment and interest concerning delayed payments : The payment conditions must be arranged with LEDRA and they are specified in the offers, proforma invoices and order confirmations. Banking expenses and stamps are on the buyers charge. All Invoices must be paid in total and in advance. The buyer can not suspend or delay the arranged payments, neither in a case of disagreement. Delays or missing payments will be debited with interests following with 12 % per annum from the date of the payment expiry. LEDRA reserves to have the right to stop shipments related to goods ready if payment has not been done and/or related to previous expired invoices. In the event of non-performance by the client of the contract ; Ledra reserves the right to ask uo to 25 % of the purchase price as cancellation charge or claim damages.

8. Changes : LEDRA reserves the right to make design, technical or better changes on its products without any warning.

9. Property : The goods will remain of LEDRA’s property until payment has not been completed. In case of missing payment of invoiced goods, LEDRA has the possibility to take back the goods.

10. Product responsibility : The buyer declares to know and accepts the products suitable to their own applications, raising LEDRA from any objection, not following the above mentioned conditions and after performed the necessary tests. In case of products realized with specific components and required from the customer, LEDRA has not the responsibility concerning the guarantee of the specific component, except under specific agreement between the parties.

11. Guarantee : The guarantee starts from the shipping date and covers the products produced by LEDRA for a period of 12 months. Parts in glass, rubber, electrical and electronic components and their accessories are excluded from guarantee. Also components required directly from the customer are out of guarantee. During this period LEDRA will supply, free of charge, all the spare parts needed for the reparation of defectives products. Working hours and transport charges are excluded from the warranty. The guarantee excludes:

- any refund and any compensation due to inactivity of the product and from any other direct and indirect damage;

- the shipping and handling costs of the parts;

- working hours expenses for substitution parts will be on the buyer’s expense.

The guarantee decays when there is not a proper use of the equipment, a not correct installation and/or maintenance or storage, sabotage, or for malfunctioning due to external causes. Every time LEDRA will decide if the substitute parts should be send back to LEDRA and will arrange the formalities with the buyer. LEDRA will provide at the replacement and/or reparation of the products in case an epidemic defects for each supply will be higher than 5%. Labour and transport charges are excluded from the warranty. The warranty covers all the material and/or assembling defects of products. The warranty is not valid if the defect is due to an incorrect installation and/or misuse of the products and if it is relative to the customer choice of components.

12. Claims : Eventual claims concerning the goods must be reported by written document immediately after the receipt (with notes on delivery note), within and not later than 7 days. No indemnities or penalties are accepted for damages suffered by the goods during transport. In such a case, the carrier or forwarder is to be considered responsible and all the claims must be promptly made to him. The same for unlawful openings of the packages, wrong number or wrong type of parcel delivered, commission of the goods related to the delivery, transport or handling. LEDRA will promptly decide how to solve and will give instruction concerning to what happened. Any claim will not give the possibility to suspend or delay the payments.

13. Returns and replacements : Returns and replacements must be authorized from LEDRA, that will give the instructions how to proceed. The goods will be accepted only after the improvement of the perfect status. The goods that will be recognized as defect and replaced must be immediately returned to LEDRA within 15 days. LEDRA does not accept returns that are used or unlawfully opened.

14. Disputes:  For any disputes the Slovakian law is in force (or CE regulations) and the court having jurisdiction is the one of  Nitra (Slovakia).