Gelato cabinet LUXURY

LUXURY : Our Elegance

  • in 2 Versions available : Low Version & High Version:
  • Low Version 50 mm lower tahn other Ice Cream Cabinets : for external condensing unit, Topglas und Working Top 50 mm lower. Perfect conditions for sales and employees,  better viewing on the Ice Creamoptimale Through 10° inclination of the Frontglass.
  • High Version : for internal and external condensing Units,  50 mm higher,   better viewing on the Ice Cream through 10° inclination of the Frontglass.
  • Small Profiles enable an improved viewing on the Ice Cream.
  • LED Illumination is double powered  than other cabinets.
  • Indirekt Illumination with RGB LED Technique underneath of frontpanel with remote control.
  • Airchambered Frontglass is heated internally and externally.
  • Topglass opens hydraulically : ideal for the niches or Shopwindows  
  • Hidden Screwers for Special Sideglass.
  • Special airchambered Sideglass is heated till the top.
  • Stainless steel working top is heated with double power.
  • Up to 80 mm Pan Insulation: Energy Saving.
  • Heated & Airchambered Front – and Sideglasses.
  • Ventilated Refrigeration with semihermetic Dorin Compressor. Big Ice Cream  Mountains possible.
  • Two coated Evaporators with 3 Tubes.
  • Automatic defrosting with Reverse Cycle. 
  • Linear Airflow in the Ice Cream cabinet.
  • Pastry cabinet are available in the same design as gelato cabinets and can be assembled together with them.