Gelato Cabinet SELECTA

Selection of your and our experience: our perfect cabinet Selecta

  • Up to 80 mm Pan Insulation: Energy saving.
  • Heated air-chambered Front – and side glasses.
  • Ventilated Refrigeration with semi hermetic Dorin compresor. Big gelato Mountains possible.
  • Extra Compressor Oil Heating.
  • Two coated evaporators and 3 rows.
  • Automatic defrosting with Reverse Cycle.
  • Top glass opens hydraulically : ideal for nishes or rooms with low height.
  • Linear and straight Airflow in the ice cream cabinet.
  • Small Profiles enable an improved viewing on the GELATO. Clients can see both rows of gelato bins.
  • Strong LED Illumination
  • Pastry cabinet are available in the same design as gelato cabinets and can be assembled together with them.
  • 32G : Unique model in one piece. 32 GELATO Bins Cabinet.